Theories Present in the Movie the Core

Topics: Earth, Magnetic field, Mantle Pages: 2 (799 words) Published: December 22, 2011
Different theories and facts were presented in the 2003 American disaster film The Core. First, the earth’s interior. We all know that the Earth is mainly divided into three parts: the crust, mantle, and core. The mantle is further subdivided into upper mantle, asthenosphere and the lower mantle based on seismic activity. We also know that the outer core is a rotating fluid while the inner core is a solid part. The movie was able to describe and explain these things accurately. It is also true that scientists have only drilled the crust which is the thinnest part of the Earth for about 10 km and no one has ever drilled down into the mantle and even travel down into the depths of the Earth up to date. In the film, Dr. Josh Keyes used a peach as a model of the Earth. Well, it’s not a bad analogy since the skin of the peach is very thin compared to its total radius as to the crust of the Earth to its radius. The meat of the peach was in proportion to the thickness of the mantle as well as the pit of the fruit as the core. Second, the outer core of the earth rotates. Absolutely this is factual. According to Dr. Pamela Gore, “extremely high temperatures in the liquid outer core drive a circular transfer of heat known as convection currents. The fluid core, with a radius of 2200 miles, is always in motion, spinning once a day at about 550 miles per hour at the outer edge of the equator. The exact motion of the outer core fluid is not fully understood. Some researchers have linked rotation of Earth, due to "original spin" at the time our solar system formed, to the rotation of the outer core. Circulating magma in the molten outer core generates a weak magnetic field, which the researchers suspect may be leaking into the inner core and generating an electric current. The twisting force generated by this electromagnetic interaction may be what drives the inner core's rotation.” Third, the Marianas Trench as the point of entry. Generally, Marianas Trench is the deepest...
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