Theories of the Disappearance of Queen Hatshepsut

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  • Published : May 27, 2012
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Assignment 1 Essay
Theories of the Disappearance of Queen Hatshepsut
Veronica L Smith
Humanities 111 – World Cultures1
Prof. Michael Curran

It is believed that Queen Hatshepsut dressed as a man to gain support of the Egyptians. After her death, her successor removed as many remnants of her rule as possible. Although a pharaoh, her mummified remains and tomb have never been conclusively found. Queen Hatshepsut reign was very intriguing due to the many mysteries surrounding her reign of power. It has been stated she was resented by her nephew Thutmose III due to her over taking his inheritance to become King when he was younger. According to the article “The Accomplishments of Queen Hatshepsut (2008)” states any further accomplishments of Queen Hatshepsut were cut short when the female disappeared under mysterious circumstances about fifteen years after taking the throne. Thutmose III immediately regained control of the throne. (para, 3) It has been speculated that he had her assassinated when he became old enough to rule on his own. Theory one would be the suspicious disappearance of Queen Hatshepsut. This comes to play due to the fact seeing how Thutmose III began his reign and the fact that he ordered all representations of his Aunt/wife to be removed from everywhere. He wanted nothing to do with his Aunt even though while she was Queen did have many accomplishments that help the Egyptians society grow and be successful for many years. His resentment could have played a factor in her disappearance but I think later as you see in the essay he may just wanted to keep her memory silent or a secret to the way she may have died. Thutmose III may have just wanted to silent all chatter regarding his Aunts reigns only to also protect the family name. Theory two is could Queen Hatshepsut disappearance is it the fact that she could have just died of natural causes. According to the article “The accomplishments of Queen Hatshepsut (2008)” It wasn't until...
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