Theories of Personality

Topics: Psychology, Abraham Maslow, Classical conditioning Pages: 3 (646 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Theories of Personality
Final Exam
Spring 2011

Due by May 25, 2011… you may submit these by email.

Choose three of the following six questions, and answer them in YOUR OWN WORDS. If you use outside material, other than the lectures, please make sure you cite the source.

Each answer should be roughly 1½ to two pages double spaced (if you want to write more, feel free.) Please be sure you answer each part of the questions you have chosen.

1. Consider the following vignette, and identify the terms below as they appear in the given example. Give enough information that I can tell you understand the concept.

Sally has recently developed shoe fetish. She never felt sexually turned on by shoes in the past, but her new boyfriend finds high heels very sexy, and asks her to wear them whenever they are intimate. She notices that he becomes more aroused when she wears them, and compliments her more often than when she is barefoot. Sometimes, if she doesn’t wear them, he nags her until she puts them on. When she does, he stops nagging her.

Now, Sally finds that every time she wears heels, she becomes sexually excited, even if her boyfriend is not around.

Identify the following:

a: Neutral stimulus

b. Unconditioned stimulus

c. Conditioned stimulus

d. Conditioned response

e. (Positive) reinforcement


2. Reflect on what we learned about the humanistic movement in psychology. How was it different from other psychological theories that came before it? What were its main goals? How did many aspects of the “human potential movement” fail to adhere to the goals that were set forth by the founders of humanistic psychology?

3. Some of the theories that we have studied incorporate a need for spirituality or religion into the human personality, whereas others do not include this as a basic human need. What is your opinion about the role that spirituality should/should not play in the psychological...
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