Theories of Learning

Topics: Classical conditioning, Behaviorism, Ivan Pavlov Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Theories of Learning

Fill in the following boxes by defining Elemental and Holistic Models of Development. Then you will describe 2 theories, including theorist (s) from each model of development. Finally you will list the important points derived from each model learning theory. Save this document and type directly onto the document and into the boxes. The boxes will expand to accommodate what you write. Submit as an attachment to the appropriate drop box.

ModelDefinition of each Model Learning TheoryTheory and Theorist 1Theory and Theorist 2Important Points Derived (Be sure to number these theories and double space between them for easy reading). Elemental Model Learning TheoryRepresents the universe as a machine composed of discrete pieces operating in a spatio-temporal field: reactive and adaptive model of man. Connectionism Edward L. Thorndike

Classical Conditioning
Ivan PavlovConnectionism:
1.Law of readiness – circumstances where a learner tends to be satisfied or annoyed, to welcome or reject. 2.Law of exercise – strengthening of connects with practice 3.Law of effect – strengthening or weakening of a connection as a result of its consequences.

Classical Conditioning:
1.Reinforcement – conditioned reflex becomes fixed by providing the conditioned stimulus and following it repeatedly with unconditioned stimulus and response at timed intervals. 2.Extinction – Occurs when the reinforcement is discontinued and the conditioned stimulus is presented alone. 3.Generalization – conditioned reflex evoked to one stimulus and can be enticed by another stimulus dis-similar to the first. 4.Differentiation – initial generalization is overcome by method of contrasts where one stimuli is reinforced and the other is not. Holistic Model learning TheoriesRepresents the world as a unitary interactive, developing organism: active and adaptive model of man.Functionalism John Dewey

Purposive Behaviorism
Edward Tolman...
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