Theories of Biology

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The major theories of biology are evolution of natural selection, biological classification, inheritance, cells, bioenergetics, homeostasis, and ecosystems. Evolution by natural selection is a process that occurs over successive generations. Inheritance is a theory of how characteristics of one generation are derived from earlier generations. Cells theory is that all organisms are composed of cells and that all cells come from preexisting cells. Biological classification is a group of species who share physical characteristics. Bioenergetics is the energy that powers life and operates according to the same rules that govern energy in the universe. Ecosystem is organisms interacting with each other and with their environments. A change in any part of biological community or the physical environment invariably causes changes in other parts. Homeostasis is the property of either an open system or a closed system, especially a living organism; that regulates its internal environment so as to maintain a stable, constant condition. There are examples of natural selection all over the news today. For example, a man run over, killed after falling off a bus because of the death of this man his genes will not be passed on to future generations. In the news, there are many examples of natural selection.


Christina Stolarz (2008). Man run over, killed after falling off bus in Warren. Retrieved April 25, 2008 from

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