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  • Published : March 23, 2013
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Steven Jackson
CCJ 3024
September 13th, 2012
Assignment # 3
Perspective on Crime Control
I believe that the United States should be a more crime control country than what we currently are right now as opposed to due process. I think crime control is more beneficial because it focuses more on protecting all of the citizens and their property not only for the sake of the victim but also for the better of the community and society as a whole as well. In my opinion it is more important to protect an entire community than focusing more on the rights of an individual and not so much on catching the criminal.

The theory that I believe supports my opinion the best are The Positivist Theories. These theories basically proposed that crime often times was committed outside of the reach of an individual. In other words, people who were committing these crimes were psychologically and mentally ill. There are three aspects of the Positivist Theories which were biological, psychological and sociological theories. Once a person is detained for their crime and if it is proven that this person is mentally unstable then law enforcement can either keep these rare individuals off the streets and help them get treatment, it would be beneficial towards all of society. A lot of criminals who commit strange crimes may also carry a genetic makeup of chemical imbalance within their brains. I think society should be protected and kept sane before looking at the rights of just one individual.
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