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  • Published : February 15, 2013
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Assignment 1: Categories of Computer Crime
CIS 170 Information Technology in Criminal Justice


Infrastructure attacks are cyber terrorist attacks designed to disrupt or destroy the actual hardware, operating platform, or programming in a computerized environment. They are also attacks that are designed to cause destruction and harm for personal objectives. Better known as a way hackers take place in to gain important information from many different organizations like energy companies, transportation, banks, and computer networks. For an example, a few years back an act of disruptive attack against a critical infrastructure, an employee fired from Chevron’s emergency alert network disabled the firm’s alert system by hacking into computers in New York and San Jose, California. Some other acts to consider would be disrupting the National Telecommunication Network so that all communications, including financial transactions are disrupted. Such attacks can be so harmful that the citizenry may lose confidence in economic system. Attack the air traffic control system remotely and collide two civilian aircraft. Being that they all contain data in both physical and electronic forms, this must not only be protected by adequate access control mechanisms but also be audited if compliance with the various regulations is to be maintained. Information attacks are deliberate attack on computing equipment and software which causes the equipment or software to malfunction, or substantially degrades its utility. Also it is not permitted as well as provided there is inherently no possible defense, which preserves the utility of the system. Companies like Sony Corp, Lockheed Martin Corp, and MasterCard Inc. are all companies that have been affiliated with Information attack and has experienced a great deal of financial loss. However, not all attacks has be brought upon financial losses, which are the Defacing Web...
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