Topics: Sociology, Crime, Criminology Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: February 3, 2013
These theories include choice theory which an individual commits a crime because they have made a choice by thinking about the risks and benefits of the actual act. Deterrence theory, the individual is choosing to make the choice of committing the crime. A psychological theory deals with more of the moral development and the personality that could have an impact to why the crime was committed. Social structure theories explain criminal behavior from people of all different walks of life and social classes. social process theories, deals with the relationships such as family, and peer relationships to explain why the crime was committed. Subcultural theories deal with the values norms and beliefs that can differ from the dominant culture. Political theory deals with political and terrorism attributes.

The theory I feel is the motivation for the majority of the computer crimes that are committed by criminals is linked to the psychological theory. There is not just one specific reason why pedophiles attack, but there can be some important factors involves. Pedophiles commit their crimes and unfortunately they have little hope of recovery. The majority of experts say that pedophiles over an extended period of time have a sexual interest. Even though there are reasons why pedophiles commit their crimes, none of the reasons justify the actual crime. Most of the time has been exposed to some sexual abuse and they could have experienced some trauma during their childhood. Since there could have been some sexual abuse or trauma during their childhood that is what could have made them become so interested in young children. The internet can be a pedophiles playground and it allows them to reach out to young children. By having easy access to the internet allows pedophiles to have to be able to be involved in child pornography. Psychological theory is the motivation for the majority of the computer crimes. They are claims that certain conditions or situations have...
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