Theoretical Perspectives

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Theoretical Perspectives

By | November 2011
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In this essay the author will discuss key theoretical perspectives and how they influence and affect community development. Furthermore, in this essay the author states the positives and negatives, as well as conflicts of the following social theories to create a further understanding and relation to community development. The social theories which will be covered in this piece are Feminism, Marxism, Functionalism, Social Interactionism, Modernity/Post Modernism, Neo-Liberalism and Globalisation. Feminism is a theory that is based on the idea that society has been structured to disadvantage women. Feminism was developed so women could live a life of structure and stability and equality to men as this would be seen to benefit women in society. In the case of a community development worker being involved in a community and applied the feminist perspective, most definitely both negatives and positives will arise. Positives of Feminism are breaking through the hypothetical glass ceiling and making it to the top and proving worthy of having power and fighting to show society by having an opportunity to stand up as a Feminist; it would create equality amongst men and women. As for negatives to Feminism it could put men offside, expressing distaste to women being in power and especially create conflict in communities with strong established gender roles. Feminism would relate to a community development worker and youth worker by identifying a sample of people in communities believe society is shaped and formed to disadvantage women, but also acknowledging people against the theory of Feminism makes it a conflict theory, as it can be viewed as a form of gender discrimination. Feminism is based on the understanding that society is purposefully disempowering women; however this essay will now explore a theory that proposes everyone in society is unequal, and this theory is known as Marxism. Marxism is a theory developed by Marx and Engels to forward the idea that society...

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