Theoretical Grammar

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1The subject of theor grammar. Its relation to practical grammar.Grammar may be practical and theoretical. The aim of practical grammar is the description of grammar rules that are necessary to understand and formulate sentences. The aim of theor grammar is to offer explanation for these rules. Generally speaking, theor grammar deals with the L as a functional system.2The grammatical structure of the English languageThe grammatical structure of language is a system of means used to turn linguistic units into communicative ones, in other words – the units of language into the units of speech. Such means are inflexions, affixation, word order, function words and phonological means. Generally speaking, Indo-European languages are classified into two structural types – synthetic and analytic. Synthetic languages are defined as ones of ‘internal’ grammar of the word – most of grammatical meanings and grammatical relations of words are expressed with the help of inflexions (Ukrainian - зроблю, Russian, Latin, etc). Analytical languages are those of ‘external’ grammar because most grammatical meanings and grammatical forms are expressed with the help of words (will do). However, we cannot speak of languages as purely synthetic or analytic – the English language (Modern English) possesses analytical forms as prevailing, while in the Ukrainian language synthetic devices are dominant. In the process of time English has become more analytical as compared to Old English. 3Morphology and syntax as 2 main parts of grammar.Syntax can in linguistics be described as the study of the rules, or "patterned relations" that govern the way the words in a sentence come together. Syntax attempts to systematize descriptive grammar, and is unconcerned with prescriptive grammar.Morphology is a sub discipline of linguistics that studies word structure. While words are generally accepted as being the smallest units of syntax, it is clear that in most (if not all) languages, words can be...
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