Theoretical Background: Cold Chain and Logistic Management

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  • Published : March 27, 2012
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Theoretical Background
The Expanded Program Immunization Evaluation model defined its components. Impact as the analysis carried out to estimate to what degree the actions taken produced the expected changes ( for example : vaccination coverage in relation to morbidity and mortality from vaccine-preventable diseases ). Process as analysis of action taken to produced the expected changes. Operational level as the level at which immunization services are provided to the community. There are several types of facilities, depending on the complexity and the country i.e., health centers, health posts, hospitals, and polyclinics. The basic characteristics were integration. This is accomplished through all the components of primary care ( maternal and child health, epidemiology, human resources, etc. ). Multidisciplinarity is applied by all members of health team by participating in its implementation, not only in terms of their professions ( nurse, community health workers, physician, etc. ), but also their specialties ( epidemiologist, nutritionist, administrator, pediatrician, etc. ). Participatory nature is implemented with the collaboration of municipal health and the Department of Health. All sectors of these organizations related to primary care at the central, regional, and local levels participate. Group work is the result of group dynamic, in which all those involved in the application of the model participate directly. The Expanded Program on Immunization Evaluation model is a technical cooperation instrument that employs the human and financial resources of the municipality implementing the program.

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