Theology of Worship

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  • Published : April 14, 2012
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“My Theology of Worship”
My theology of worship can be found in John 4:24: “God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” This is my theology of worship from this text, which can further be broken down into these four questions, which I will go in detail about how they relate to my theology. How worship functions in the relationship between God and humanity, where the sacraments fits into my theology of worship, the role of the church in corporate worship(community), finally; the role of the pastor in teaching, preparing, and leading worship. God is a spirit, how I know, when you go back to the garden of Eden and read how Adam and Eve fellowship with God, so we are spiritual beings and God longs for the fellowship of his people that comes in the form of worship. Worship is holistic; it involves worship in the church (liturgy, sacraments), worship in giving, worship in presenting our bodies to God, and worship to our communities. This lead to some definitions shared by a few of our authors from our booklist. James White believes in order to get a full understanding of worship; we should look at it from the outward and visible approach. White goes further to state worship is embedded to a wide category of human behavior that we call ritual (White 2000). Lastly, White lifted up the definition that worship is a repeated social behavior with a definite purpose (White 2000). His understanding of worship falls in line with my theology of worship from the holistic approach. Worship entails mind body, soul; spirit, and community, end result is we worship God in sprit and truth through all these elements mention by White and my theology. I have also learned worship from this point of view call the “One Two Principle”. In other words, we worship (praise) God and he responds. So there’s a giving and a receiving to this principle. Another author from the booklist is Daniel T. Benedict Jr., his book title “Patterned by Grace was exceptional on...
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