Theology of Pope to the Youth

Topics: Christianity, Morality, Jesus Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Theology 77
Period 45
Pope Paper
Pope to the Youth of the World

1.) The Pope says that 1985 has been proclaimed by the United Nations Organization International Youth Year, and this is of great significance to the youth of the world. He says that this significance of youth is the Church. Man is the fundamental and at the same time the daily way of the Church and this make it easy to understand why the Church attributes special importance to the period of youth as a key stage in the life of every human being. He says that the youth is also significant because they are the foundation of the church in the future, and it is their responsibility for what will one day become reality together with the youth, but it will come later in the future. I have to agree with him. I am a Christian, and I believe that it is our responsibility as young adults to live responsible lives because we are in control of what happens in the future. It is our responsibility to act like a Christian, even at a young age.

2.) This gospel passage with the rich young man is very significant. The man believes that he has done everything he can in his power to achieve happiness in the kingdom of heaven. Jesus tells the man in kindness that he must sell his belongings to the poor, and he will have treasure in heaven. The man is put down by this, but it makes a clear point. The lesson is that it is extremely hard to enter the kingdom of heaven. A human being can never do enough to be in heaven. We, as humans, must live lives of service, and never cease to stop helping others. The pope references this gospel to point out to the youth of the world to instruct the youth to help those who are less fortunate, and do everything they can to serve others. The Pope wants to point out that Christ is speaking to every single youth person in the world. Jesus’ words are extremely important for the youth of the world, and they pertain to every single person....
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