Theological Reflection on Honor Killings

Topics: Marriage, Family, Ethics Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: December 9, 2010
There are many ethical issues around the world today. One of those issues would have to be honor killings. Honor killings are when men of the family, usually fathers, kill their daughters or close relatives because they are marrying outside of their arranged marriage. Many of these honor killings are not reported due to the fact that it is a cultural thing. They are called “honor” killings because the women are the property of the man that she belongs to and she is responsible for upholding the families honor. If she chooses to do things that could hurt the family’s name, then this where she gets brutality hurt or honor killed.

Some of the salient bioethical points are human dignity, personhood, autonomy, non-maleficence, and global solidarity. These fathers have no respect for their daughter’s autonomy/personhood. As a person, she has the right to endure any outside source that she chooses because it is a part of her privacy. This is also a part of her own self motivated activity to go out and find someone who she truly loves rather love being arrogance. She should be allowed to be her own individual and make choices for herself. Non-maleficence means to do no harm. These fathers are not just harming anyone one but a loved one. This also means that there is no justice to the daughter because she has no say so about the way she wants to live her life.

The fathers are interrupting the daughter’s negative rights because the daughter has the negative right to pursue any person that she wants without anyone interfering in her personal life.
The fathers have no awareness of human dignity. They are destroying a part of human life that they created. They should be able to respect their daughter’s decisions and give priority to her because she is a person. Another Catholic Social teaching that is affected is community and the common good. The families choose to arrange these marriages. When the daughter goes outside of the marriage, the entire family agrees to...
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