Theological Reflection

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  • Published: June 3, 2005
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God is a complex being only understood partially, and his existence is challenged by some but accepted by Christians as a matter of faith. It is possible to prove any aspect about his existence through Thomas Aquinas. The Christian Trinity consists of the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit which is united under one godhead. The Holy Spirit is sometimes spoken of as the breath of God, it is also described as living water and wind, the Holy Spirit is also the Giver of Life. God comes in Various images which are thought of by people to gain a better understand of their God. Jesus revealed many things about God to all humans. Through him many truths and attributes where shown about God, to understand him better.

God is Transcendent, meaning God is beyond and above this world and this life, even though God is present in it. God is completely beyond the grasp of our minds. In simpler terms this means that God cannot be fully understood or fully justified. But the existence of God can be logically proven using Thomas Aquinas' five ways in which a believer can figure out that there is a God. Firstly the universe and everything in it is always on the move, which changes every instant and going on to the next instant so there must have been a first mover who set of this universal move. Every effect has a cause, and there must be a something that caused the existence of the universe. Everything in creation is possible, but there must be a certain one who is necessary to the universe for its possibilities to unfold. Humans seek perfection, so there must be someone who is perfect for humans to seek it, and finally the universe works well, and the design and way the world works is perfect so there must be someone of great intelligence that designed it. God is described as many different things. He is seen as a kind old man, or as a kind of father or favorite uncle. If these people where God then what the future holds would be full of good things. God is also seen has a Judge or Policeman, because he sets the rules and what the future life would hold in store for us and whether we deserve, good or bad things. It will depend on how we have performed. Lastly good can also be seen as a King or Ruler, who is the "big boss" one who makes things work, who keeps things in order and in motion.

The Christian Trinity is a belief that God is three-in-one. Meaning that God can be experienced as 3 separate things, these three things are the Father, the son, and the Holy Spirit, which is united under one Godhead (word explaining there are three parts of God, but one God) The three different parts of God is, God the father, who is the creator of all things. Jesus Christ who is the Son of God, who came to Earth, (word made flesh) we new him as the savior. And then The Holy Spirit, who is Gods love and power working in the world today. The Holy Spirit is usually shown as a dove, meaning the brining of peace. Jesus was the full revelation of God. God revealed himself through Jesus. For God to reveal himself to the world he had to make the word God flesh " the word made flesh" (incarnation) so he made Jesus and humans only needed to look upon Jesus Christ to know what God is like, because Jesus fully revealed God.

The Holy Spirit is also a complex thing, it is spoken of as the Breath of God, but is also known as Gods love and power working in the world today. Also St Augustine spoke of the Holy Spirit as the love between God and his son, and said that the Spirit proceeds from them both. The Holy Spirit is described as a wind (john 3:8) but later on is described as living water. Jesus also tells us that the Spirit is an Advocate and is the Spirit of truth, who will live with the disciples after his death. The Holy Spirit will be a teacher who will unfold for the disciples all that Jesus has taught them. " But the advocate, the Holy Spirit whom the Father sent in my name, will teach you everything and remind you all I have said to you" (john 14:26)....
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