Theological Reason Within Faith

Topics: Faith, Religion, Truth Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: January 12, 2013

The word faith refers to a religion itself or to religion in general with the confident belief or trust in truths of trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing. To have faith is to have and show complete trust of confidence with firm beliefs, even without logical proof. When people have a religious belief of spiritual apprehension of divine truth apart from proof; they have faith. Faith can also be a duty or commitment to fulfill a trusted promise with things believed or to be believed. Reason is to concern oneself with a supposed ability to cure medical illnesses by faith rather than a medical treatment within a hospital by a doctor. Showing faith of loyal trustworthy manner is what most people around the world believe in religious and non-religious traditions.

Reason is the means in which rational beings propose specific explanations of cause and effect; with mental faculty that generates conclusions from assumptions or premises. To reason as an abstract noun, is a consideration which explains or justifies motives or causes, even though faith. That which is unique and definitive about being human is the way in which non-humans (animals) appear to make decisions; also, with decisions based upon emotion, intuition, authority, superstition, and faith. It is also a faculty transcending the understanding and providing a priori principles with intuition. Some people use reason to express in logical and/or argumentative form by way of persuasion.

A theologist uses reason to rationalize specific explanations that they consider just with what is being discussed with fellow theologians. Reasons along with faith are theological with religious context, as in theology, where it almost universally refers to a trusting belief in a transcendent reality or a Supreme Being (God); thus this being’s role in the order of transcendence and spiritual things. Theology can be summed up as the study of God and religious beliefs...
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