Theological Foundations and the Liberal Artss

Topics: Religion, Curriculum, Christianity Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: November 19, 2012
Theological Foundations and the Liberal Arts

Existence precedes essence. “Holmes, 3.” The exsistence of humans is valuable. We are here to fulfill what God has promised us. . A person is reflective thinking being. “,3”We must look inside one’s self to know the truth of what God has planned for you, and looking outside yourself to make things whole. Christianity should be a part of life. Creation, the human person, truth and the cultural mandate are foundations of a Christian education. All creations are good because God has created everything and everything is perfect. The Christian college focuses on God’s creation of everything because all things are made by God. The human person is meant to serve God in every capacity in life and in education. That God mad us in His own image reminds us that in a vast universe that reflects God’s glory, humans are uniquely “crowned with glory and honor.” “Holmes, 15.” Everything we do as humans should be a reflection of God. All truths are all God’s truth, wherever it is found. “Holmes, 17” If it is true in any subject then it is God’s truth. Learning and reasoning is meant to merge with Gods truth. Our role is to be ambassadors of Christ “. Gnosticism doesn’t exist. Everyone had the power to know all.

Lines between secular and sacred are nonexistence in a Christian. Secular colleges focus of education only. Secular colleges are only institutes for education. The rarely focus religion and are not faith based. Liberal educations at Christian colleges intermingle faith and education in every aspect of our lives. One’s entire self should be bettered in learning. Is the idea of a Christian college, then, simply to offer a good education plus biblical studies in an atmosphere of piety? “Holmes, 5” Caricatures of Christian college are often assumed to be a good education with prayer and bible study. Church or minister training is not a sole function. A distinctive Christian college integrates faith...
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