Theodore Roosevelt Essay

Topics: Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt Pages: 7 (2906 words) Published: March 21, 2013
One of the most important U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, born October 28, 1958 in New York City. As a young child, Roosevelt suffered pain, severe asthma, he predicted not live through his 4-year-old birthday. Every night, he struggled to breathe, he and his family have been worried if he could see the next morning. A major cause the Roosevelt severe asthma survival is his father. When Roosevelt was painful, his father was always with him, and from time to time, he would take Roosevelt gallop, to help him breathe. Therefore, his father, in his mind, his protector, became the most important figure, he respected his father is like a god. Roosevelt in a few people talking about his father, the older generation, he was originally from an old Dutch family, is a city, made great contributions to charity, and is a professor in the Sunday school. Due to this fact, Roosevelt so much to inspire his father to see his father to charity, Roosevelt's sense that he must help the poor, the steps of his father. His father had given him a lesson: "Do not dwell on the internal problems, you should reach out to help others. Roosevelt retained the proposal, his heart, followed his entire life. Roosevelt's mother, however, is from the South. Two parents from two totally different worlds, different beliefs and feelings, Family and wild romantic violence. Families were identified as "impossible family, because this combination does not usually happen. Although they loved each other so much, however, civil war, family separation. Roosevelt's mother did not want to see her brother and her husband became the enemy. The senior Roosevelt also do not want to see the struggle occurred between the family, therefore, he paid another person to fight for him. However, even if the separation seems to only affect Roosevelt's father and mother the young Roosevelt also deeply affected by it, which is so ashamed by his life time. This gave Roosevelt inspiration hit in his life in the battle. Roosevelt is a great reader, he read all types of literature, but mainly preferred nature and natural history. However, his asthma is still plagued his nightmares every night. Roosevelt medication every day, this is different, it almost did not help him to survive. His father gave him a hint, is to build a strong body, which will contribute to the difficulty in breathing. Therefore, in order to please his father, Roosevelt hired a boxing coach, to help build these muscles. As Roosevelt larger a slight improvement in dyspnea. 17 years old, the the Roosevelt headed by Harvard's health problems, but his commitment to his father, he will take care of their own health, learning and moral. Roosevelt is an outgoing university, he participated in a lot of practice, it is very detailed. However, the most important person in his life, his father is suffering from stomach cancer and died at age 46. This is certainly one of the biggest blow to Roosevelt in his life, he was home from Harvard. Every day he made a diary, trying to pour all the bitterness, then. Finally, he found relief when, close to nature, to do sports, he decided to "go out and do things". However, as evidence that he was deeply depressed because his father died, he went to shoot the neighbor's dog. In addition, each time when Roosevelt's decision, he believes his father, he will do what he will do it, etc., Roosevelt returned to Harvard, has been busy. Then his 17-year-old Alice Lee love. The relationship is getting better and better, and then, after graduating from Harvard, October 27, 1880 the day before his birthday finally married. After they married, they settled in New York City. From the influence of friends, Roosevelt decided to enter politics. Soon, he fell in love with the power, and hope that the governor's people. The age of 23, he became Albany legislation, where he is the youngest one, which is the first to go into politics. He has such a high-pitched voice, reporters joked, thoroughly angered...
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