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THEO 104: Introduction to Christian Thought

Study Guide

Week 1: Introduction to Theology

Textbook Readings:

Towns: Introduction & Ch. 1

1. What year was Jesus born?
2. When was Christianity made Rome’s National Religion? 3. What is the Incarnation?
4. Does the Bible states that Jesus was the creator of the world. 5. Did Jesus claim to have supernatural origins.
6. Who Baptized Jesus?
7. Did Jesus allow people to worship him?

Etzel & Gutierrez: Introduction & Chs. 1-5

1. Why does the author say that everyone is a theologian? 2. What areas of our lives are influenced by the way we see God? 3. How did Jesus show that he is worthy of our faith?
4. Do Christians need to ignore intellect and reason in order to have faith in Jesus? 5. What does Jesus teach about truth?

Online Excerpts:

“Understanding the Faith”

1. How did the term “Christian” originate?
2. Who was this book written for?
3. Why do some have mistaken ideas about Christianity?

“Prolegomena to Theology” - Pg. 18-24

1. What are the four tools for accurately arranging a systematic theology? 2. What four questions must we ask about faith?
3. What 5 factors can limit our theology?

"The Names of Christ" – Pg. 160-173

1. What chapter of the New Testament does the Author suggest contains the most names of Jesus? 2. Which of God’s names do some scholars think that Jesus is claiming with his “I am statements”? 3. What is the tern “only begotten” used to describe about Jesus? 4. Why does the author think that the Gospel of John calls Jesus the “word”? 5. What would Jews think who heard Christ calling Himself the “Son of Man”?

"The Deity of Christ" - Pg. 155-160

1. T/F Jesus Christ is the second member of the trinity, is equal with the father in nature and yet submissive in duty. 2. T/F Christ was a single and undivided personality.
3. T/F Jesus claimed to be one with the father.
4. T/F Jesus claimed to have the ability to forgive sins. 5. T/F Jesus allowed people to worship him.
6. T/F Jesus claimed to have omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence. 7. What does the term “preexistence” mean?
8. What does the term “eternality” mean when referring to Christ? 9. The fact that Christ allowed people to worship him shows that He thought that he was divine.

Week 2: The Bible

Textbook Readings:

Towns: Ch. 2

1. What does dual authorship mean?
2. What was the Old Testament written on?
3. What are the three divisions of the Old Testament?
4. What did the Psalms scroll contain?
5. What is a codex?
6. Where does the name “Bible” come from?
7. Where does the term “Scripture” come from?
8. *What are three ways the Bible can influence its reader?

Etzel & Gutierrez: Chs. 6-10

1. Who is God's revelation available to?
2. Is general revelation enough to bring someone to salvation? Why? 3. What is the significance of the fact that the words of the Bible were inspired by God? 4. Inspiration and Inerrancy apply to which manuscripts? 5. What is the discipline that studies the principles and theories of how texts ought to be interpreted? 6. What are the three basic steps to understanding the Bible?

Online Excerpts:

"Preservation: Insuring the Authenticity of the Text" - Pg. 73-78

1. What is “Textual Criticism”?
2. What is “lower Criticism”?
3. What is “Higher Criticism”?

"Inspiration: Guaranteeing the Word of Scripture" - Pg. 59-72

1. What are the four qualities of inspiration?
2. T/F Inspiration incorporates the personality of the writer into the final product. 3. What does Conceptual inspiration state was inspired? 4. What does partial inspiration state?

5. What does limited inspiration state?
6. According to the text, what is “Bibliolatry”? Who...
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