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Topics: Marriage, Divorce, New Testament Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Jordan Manley
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Short Essay #2
Short Essay on Anthropology: Marriage and Divorce
“With this ring I thee wed, and all my worldly goods I thee endow. IN sickness and in health, in poverty or in wealth, “till death do us part.” These are some traditional wedding vows that one might say at a wedding but, is it really death do us part again? Divorce rates have sky rocketed in the past few years. It is not “till death do us part” anymore it is “until you loose your job”, “until you start getting ugly or old”, or “until I am not happy anymore.” The views on marriage have also drastically changed in more recent years.

The Bible teaches a lot about marriage and what marriage means to God. God says that marriage is a way that shows our love for Christ. He says that the Church is His bride. Marriage is place where you could grow in your relationship with Christ and realize even more how much God loves us.

There are different views on when a couple is considered married. Some say that “from 1 Corinthians 6:16, maintain that marriage is effected through sexual intercourse.”[1] Others considered a couple married “ as a result of a declaration of desire to be married, accompanied by the expression of mutual intentions of the sole and enduring fidelity and responsibility toward the other; in the presence of accredited witnesses.” [2] There are many different views but God goes more with they are married once they have sex.[3] This differs from the more modern and popular view on marriage because the modern view is the second view, that people are married once they have a ceremony in front of witnesses.

Divorce rate has taken a dramatic turn in the recent years. Divorce even dates back to the Old Testament, “Divorce, although possible, was rare except to the very rich, because the cost was prohibitively high.” [4] God did not create divorce. Divorce is a consequence that we have because of the Fall. God created a man and a women to be married and for...
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