Theo 104 Study Guide Week 7

Topics: Jesus, Christian eschatology, Christianity Pages: 7 (1409 words) Published: March 3, 2012
T/F The author believes that the great commission was Jesus' command to his disciples and therefore it is faulty to apply it to all believers. False

What are the two imperatives in the Great Commission?
Evangelism and Education

What are motives for Christians to evangelize non-Christians? ...1) Tell others that God loves them because God's love is so great. 2) To be obedient to the commands of Christ.
3) Because of One's love for the Person in whom we are witnessing. 4) The rewards as a Christian will receive when he meets Christ in heaven 5) Christians will lose their rewards at the judgement seat of Christ if they do not faithfully witness for HIM on this earth.

Geographically, to what portions of the world did Jesus command his disciples to take the good news? ...All the world

What significant response did the disciples show Jesus when he appeared to them the third time? ...They Worshiped HIM

What was Jesus' systematic plan to preach the Gospel to the world? ...Jesus is directing the Church to make disciples of every People group in the world.Mother Churches make Daughter Churches

What was Jesus' last commandment called? What did it entail? ...You shall be a witness

What are 4 Lessons that the Author suggests for the individual? ..1) .I can help carry out the Great Commission by individual witnessing and by helping plant a new church. 2. I can share the Gospel with lost people, which is the only message that will give them eternal life. 3. I can witness my faith to lost people, sharing with them my salvation experience. 4. I can be part of a new church plant which would place

me at the center of carrying out the Great Commission.

What are 4 Lessons that the Author suggests for the church?
...1. A church becomes actively involved in carrying out the Great Commission when it plants another church.

2. Churches should have a systematic and sequential
plan to continually preach the Gospel to all people, including both home and foreign missions. 3. Churches are the natural outcome when the Great
Commission is carried out.
4. Churches obey the last command of Christ when they
plant a new church to evangelize an unreached area.

According to the author, what is one of the best arguments that Heaven is real? ...The physical presence of Jesus Christ

How many heavens does Paul talk about?

What is the first heaven?
...The atmosphere about us, that is, the air that surrounds humans and all created life on this earth.

What is the second heaven?
...The stellar outer space where planets and stars are located.

What is the third heaven?
...The dwelling place of God.

Does the author agree with the notion that "Heaven is nothing more than a state of bliss?" ...No

Is there day and night in heaven?

Is there death in heaven?

What are nine of the 'inexhaustible blessings of Heaven?"
...1) Abundant Life
2) Rest
3) Knowledge
4) Holiness
5) Serving God
6) Worship
7) Fellowship with God
8) Fellowship with other Believers
9) Glory

Why did God give his children assurance that they would go to live with Him after they die? ...1) If God's Children know where they will spend eternity, then they tend to work harder for HIM on this earth. 2) They are more willing to sacrifice to please HIM on this earth. 3) And when they know their future is secure, they will better worship and praise HIM on this earth.

What are six of the dangers to watch out for when studying prophecy? ...1) Going off on a tangent by always seeking new truth.
2) Becoming proud or exploitative with their new found knowledge of prophetic truth. 3) Have a tendency to speak on areas where the Bible is silent. 4) Fixing dates and identifying the Antichrist, which have all been proven wrong. 5) Minor differences of opinion in this area of bible prophecy have become a major source of irritation, leading to breaks in Christian fellowship. 6) Some are so consumed with future events that they...
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