Theo 104

Topics: Christian terms, Devil, Bible Pages: 3 (1133 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Ivory Russell
April 15, 2012
Theo 104
It seems as though in today’s age and time that Satan’s existence is more real and prevalent not only among society, but among Christians, as well. But, it isn’t the talk of Satan that is alarming so much as the type of attention and talk that he is receiving. Our modern day society has transformed him from being the evil, factual being that we know him as into a sinister, more humors fictional character used to make ‘great’ movies and entertainment.

Producers are making a living out of Satan’s character. One of the most well known movies depicting this is Little Nicky. It depicts Satan preparing to retire from ruling Hell and trying to decide which of his three sons will take over the throne. But, when Satan decides to go ahead and keep the throne two of his children leave Hell to create their own version of Hell on earth; landing in New York City these two brother possess the political leaders of the city, freeze the gates of Hell to keep souls from going to their father, and create chaos among the mortals if New York. The movie ends with Satan’s youngest son, Nicky, saving the day, and defeating his brothers so that all of the souls, once again, can return to Satan himself. This movie is considered a comedy and opened at #2 in the North American box office.

As disturbing as the film industry’s portrayal of Satan may be, it isn’t too surprising to me. What I find to be surprising, but even more so frightening, is the fact that ‘Christians’ are falling into this same trap. There are a few Christians who will speak out against such media and portrayal, but the majority will sit silently amongst themselves and simply just ‘not watch such things.’ But even still, there are Christians who actually believe Satan to be fictitious. In 2009, Barna done a survey indicating that 6 out of 10 Christians believe Satan to be a symbol of evil rather than a living being. That is 6 out of 10 too many!

But, what is the real...
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