Then We Came to the End

Topics: Emotion, Recession, Personal life Pages: 3 (780 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Then We Came To The End
Joshua Ferris

Corporate Culture and transition of characters in an office environment

In life humans face various emotional grief, and this is problematic when these personal matters affect their everyday work ethics. In the book Then We Came To The End by Joshua Ferris, he hints how individuals involved in a work environment within the office, constantly are faced with dilemmas, anxiety, and endless boredom. In the novel, the author is describing how some characters go through specific transitions throughout the book. Ferris is convincing the reader of the everyday pressure, disparity and insecurity that slowly influences some characters facing economic depression, and layoffs. This transition is seen mostly in Tom Mota, and Lynn Mason.

To call Tom upset is to understate. His continuous outburst seals his fate. He is discouraged, however, from throwing his computer against the window (Ferris, 2008) after being let go. Ferris is creating an image of a dominant leader who believes that he is above everyone within the office and his opinions are not to be judged. This is evident when Tom is being referred to as “petulant, high-strung Napoleon exiled to an Elba of his own mind, and the acrid mother in mourning” (Ferris, 2008, p. 98). Tom Mota is somewhat out of place in the office. He's very bright, but he's a hothead and a boaster, and he has just lost his everything. The author also shows another image of Tom Mota after he is being laid off; it is visible that he goes through a dramatic transformation during the one-week period before leaving the office permanently, his self-loathing characteristics is diminished and he brings up his emotions and empathy towards his fellow co-worker Carl Garbedian. “First of all, another man’s business was none of his own. Second, Carl had confided in him, and Tom had no desire to betray that confidence” (Ferris, 2008, p. 142). Since Tom is going through a period of regret and agony he is...
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