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  • Published : December 29, 2012
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rowing up can be complicated. When one begins their journey through life how is he or she supposed to know which way to turn or what decisions to make. When brother begins his life, he sees his friends around him and decides he wants to follow their paths, do what they do, he wants to follow the status quo. With his little brother doodle coming in to his life, he understands things will be different but not to the full extent. His naive nature leads him to discover how fitting in is not always the right option, and forcing the idea is even more harmful to life experiences. The Scarlet Ibis is a perfect example how one can be so lost in the ideals of fitting in, that they do not realize how delicate a situation can be. Throughout the story, fitting in is a constant reminder of how detrimental that can be. Brothers overall reaction to Doodle's disabilities, his rough nature with Doodle, and the guilt he feels, all show how fitting in can truly take a toll on life's unknown road.   

In the Scarlet Ibis, Brother was getting ready to involve Doodle into his life. He wanted to run and play with doodle like what other brothers would do. When Doodle came out not the way brother had expected, there was confusion. "Doodle was born when I was seven and was, from the start, a disappointment." All brother knew was what he had seen, and what he had been following. His dissapointment can help a reader sympathize with doodle's problamatic situation. Doodle's optimism and readiness was his way of attaching himself to Brother, he trusted Brother. When Brother seemed dissapointed he decided he wanted to change doodle from not quite there to "all there." This leads Brother into wanting to change doodle, he wants to doodle to fit in too. In an act of love and pride, he chooses to help Doodle be normal, unfortunately not for all of the right reasons.   

"I was embarrassed at having a brother of that age who couldn't walk, so I set out to teach him." This is when Brother began to...
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