Theme or Issue: Il Postino. Dancing at Lughnasa and Lies of Silence - Comparative Course Higher Level

Topics: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Marriage Pages: 3 (1086 words) Published: December 4, 2010
Theme or Issue: Love and Marriage

The three texts that I have studied on my comparative course are the novel, Lies of Silence by Brian Moore, the playwright, Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel and the film, Il Postino by Michael Radford. The theme or issue that I have studied is love and marriage.The authors of the texts used key moments to heighten our awareness of love and marriage.

In Dancing at Lughnasa, the main moment in which we can see love is when Chris and Gerry dance. This has a somewhat romantic aspect, although their love relationship is unstable and they are not married. Gerry does not pay much attention to his love child, which he had with Chris – Michael. This is evident from all of the unkept promises he made to him – the most memorable being a bicycle “I’ll get you a bike”. Similarly, the love relationship between Beatrice and Mario in Il Postino has an unmistakable romantic quality to it. The romantic aspect to Gerry’s relationship with Chris is apparent when they dance together. However, the fact that this relationship consists only of the occasional romantic interlude means that it never really develops. The romantic aspect of Mario and Beatrice’s love and marriage is more pronounced and spontaneous. However, there is no evidence of a romance ever taking place between Michael and Moiré in Lies of Silence, as we are very aware of his reasons for marrying her – the way she looked and the way other men envied him. It is also clear that there never will be romance between them as Michael is having an affair with a young Canadian journalist called Andrea.

Another key moment that heightens my awareness of love is in Il Postino when Pablo Neruda and Mario go to the café, which is run by Beatrice’s aunt Gloria. This suggests to Beatrice that Neruda and Mario are intimate friends. Neruda’s influence ultimately proves critical – by teaching Mario about metaphors, he enables him to conquer Beatrice’s heart with romantic language. This is the...
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