Theme of War in “Farewell to Arms” by Ernest Hemingway

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  • Published : September 12, 2012
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Theme of War in “Farewell to Arms” by Ernest Hemingway
"A Farewell To Arms" is about the first world war. It epitomizes the whole of the American response to the First World War. It is a perfect example of American response to the First World War. Frederic Henry went through the unusual experience of the war. In the war-theater of 1918-19 he saw the men suffering, misery and disillusionment. He was of the opinion that by writing his experiences he could cure himself of the bitter taste. And Hemingway cured himself perhaps by writing his experiences in "Farewell To Arms". Set mostly in Italy during World War I, A Farewell to Arms bemoans the horrors of war while giving a human face to those involved in it. The characters work ceaselessly to hold on to their hopes for happiness while doing right by their brothers and sisters in arms. Ernest Hemingway’s description of the war is precise and historically accurate. But his characters are intensely human and contain a variety of views and counter views. Their colorful dialogues provoke us to join their debates, and in doing so further define our own views about war. Against the background of war, Henry had his tender romance with Catherine Barkley. During the war there was a peace within. When there was lull in the war Henry went to the centers of culture and civilization. Henry fell in love with Catherine. She is shocked with the death of his fiancé. Henry had no intention of loving her. But it was the result of Catherine's powerful devotion towards Henry. He got wounded badly in the war and was placed in a Milan Hospital. Catherine, too, is transferred to that hospital. She looks after him physically as well as emotionally. The sweet nights in Milan Hospital made Catherine pregnant.

Henry after recovery returned at the front. He realized the stupidity of war and he deserted the army by jumping into the river and when he reached Milan he discovered that Catherine had left for Stressa a small town on the Italy...
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