Theme of Self Image: Dancing in the Dark and The Fat Girl

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  • Published : November 3, 2010
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The stories “Dancing in the Dark” by Johanna Edwards and “The Fat Girl” by Andre Dubus, both deal with the theme of self-appearance. Johanna’s conflict, in the story, is that she did not want to have a wasted prom as a teenaged fat girl. She hated herself all because of her weight. In comparison, Louise’s internal dilemma stems from her appearance. A person’s own view of his or her self-appearance can truly harm his or her self-esteem, if he or she does not believe in his or herself, especially for these two girls.

First of all, when someone really dislikes his or her body, he or she usually end up in a state of depression. For example, Johanna shows us, in her story, that she had spent her entire teenaged life as a fat girl, and she did not wish to endure a “fat” prom. She felt really depressed over the fact that she was not as skinny as her girlfriends and that she did not have a prom date. On the other hand, Louise’s life was not what you would call, “a walk in park”. Like Johanna, Louise hated her appearance; she hated her fat overweighed body. She told herself that this was her faith; she would always be “Fat Louise”. But, unlike Johanna, she found beauty in most parts of her body. She truly wishes that people would see just how beautiful she really is, and not just a fat girl. Even so, with the help of her friend, Carrie, Louise went on a diet with huge results. She lost over 70 pounds, throughout her diet, and eventually got married. As you can see, it was a big success. Even Johanna went on a diet, with no success. We see that both girls had the desire necessary to become skinny and beautiful, like their friends. However, only one succeeded. Unfortunately, if a girl fails to do a diet, a diet they fought so hard to accomplish, they end up feeling depressed over the fact that they did not accomplish anything.

Second of all, even though friends and families are there to support you all the way, they can often make matters much worse then they...
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