Theme of Revenge in the Odyessey

Topics: Odyssey, Trojan War, Odysseus Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: September 2, 2012
When Odysseus blinded Poseidon’s son, Poseidon wanted revenge on Odysseus. When Odysseus finally reached home, he and Telemachus made a plan to exact revenge on the suitors. And when the suitors’ families found out about the killings at the palace, they were full of vengeance and wanted to kill Odysseus. Obviously, vengeance is a huge part of The Odyssey.

Many times in The Odyssey, Poseidon wanted revenge on Odysseus. For example, the first time Poseidon had a problem with Odysseus was after their success at the Trojan War, when Odysseus proclaimed that he was the reason they won, and that he didn’t need the gods’ help at all. Poseidon didn’t like this, and so he cursed Odysseus. This shows that Poseidon had as much pride as Odysseus, and took a bruise to his ego. Poseidon just probably started out wanting to teach Odysseus a lesson. In addition, after Odysseus blinded the Cyclops that was actually Poseidon’s son, Poseidon cursed him even more. This shows that now things between him and Odysseus were getting personal. Poseidon wanted Odysseus to suffer even more after he blinded his son, even though Odysseus already suffered when the Cyclops ate a few of his men. Finally, after being kept on Calypso’s island for several years, the gods decided to release Odysseus. Poseidon was angry, and brew up a huge storm that would have killed Odysseus if the goddess Ino hadn’t protected him. This shows that finally, after all Odysseus had done to offend Poseidon, Poseidon finally tried to kill him. This also shows that, even though Odysseus had been through a lot—lost his whole crew, and almost died numerous times—Poseidon didn’t care, and still wanted to exact revenge upon Odysseus.

The idea of getting revenge on the suitors was also a big part of The Odyssey. For example, near the beginning of the book, Telemachus gave a passionate speech at the Assembly talking about how the suitors had taken over their home. This was the first major event that showed Telemachus’...
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