“Theme of Post-Colonialism in Things Fall Apart”

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  • Published : November 21, 2011
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“Theme of Post-Colonialism in Things Fall Apart”

The Post-Colonial literature that describes what happens to a strong African, Asian once colonist settle in the area. Post Colonial literature considers vexed cultural- political questions of national and ethnic identity, otherness, race, imperialism and language, during and after the colonial periods. The term is applied most often to writings from Africa, The Indian subcontinent, The Caribbean, and other regions whose histories during the 20th century are marked by colonialism anti-colonialism movement to post independence society.

Things Fall Apart is a major work of Post Colonial literature that describes what happens to a strong Nigerian tribe during colonial rule in colonialism offering and insight into African culture that had not been portrayed before, Things Fall Apart is both a tragic and moving story of and individual set in the wider context of the coming of colonialism, as well as a powerful and complex political statement of cross cultural encounters.

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre,
The falcon cannot hear the falconer,
Things fall apart; the center cannot hold,
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the World.1”

The title “Things Fall Apart” is taken from W.B. Yeats poem ‘The Second Coming’ . The life of an Igbo tribe on the very cusp of the time when the wave of colonization washed over Africa set in Nigeria. The book flows story ‘Okonkwo’, the son of ne’er do well, who is determined not to end up a failure like his father, but wants to follow tradition and rise in rank within the tribe. But just as the title predicts, Okonkwo’s plans for a perfect life go astray. Change is inevitable and even the best lead plans to astray. In the turbulent time settings, Okonkwo is doomed to loose the traditions he cherishes as his society slowly falls apart.

The first part of the novel discuss with suffering and sorrows of the natives due to illiteracy. They are far away from...
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