Theme of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury: Society is Destructive

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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The theme of Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury contains a setting of a world where society itself was destructive. In this story characters and society are portrayed to be soulless and self-centered. Immoral things such as killing in this society have no affect on characters and ignorance is considered as the norm. By the setting containing an environment where life has no importance and entertainment is more valuable, this aspect does affect the characters’ attitude, decisions and general behavior entirely. There are a few examples that describe perfectly how the setting impacts the character such as Clarisse, Mildred and Guy. Even though all characters are set in a dystopia, not all characters react the same way. Most characters are consumed by their surrounding, while the setting reflects others.

In the scene where Montag and Clarisse had their first encounter, the mood is set as romantic and relaxing. The city streets are empty and calm with the moon shining down and creating a silhouette as the wind lightly blows through them. It isn’t a cold night but refreshing. Clarisse walks slowly towards him enjoying every moment of the wind brushing against her body and hair. Everything seems to be in slow motion where there is no cars rushing down the road. The streets are quite and full of tranquility. The only characters that are walking down the street are Clarisse and Montag. This setting reflects on the true nature of Clarisse’s personality. The setting describes a relaxing atmosphere where everything seems to fall into place and this is how Clarisse attitude is towards life it self. The general behavior of this character shows how the little things are what matters, enjoying the surrounding and admire the small things, which was no longer appreciated.

Unlike Clarisse, Mildred is a city girl who needs to feel the rush. Her attitude towards life made her fit perfectly in the society she was set in. only caring for the thrill and anything that would keep...
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