Theme of Colored Soldiers

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Theme of “The Colored Soldiers”
The poem “The Colored Soldiers” by Paul Laurence Dunbar praises the brave black men who served in the Union Army during the civil war. The soldiers rose strong to fight for the freedom of slaves, despite knowing that they could die for what they stand for. They displayed pride, courage, and bravery. They also played a major role in the turning point in the war. Dunbar’s “The Colored Soldiers” declares racial pride and celebrates the heroism of these black men.

Dunbar attributed many traits to display the heroism of the colored soldiers. Bravery, pride, fearless, courageous, and heroic are a few traits that Dunbar used to describe the soldiers. Dunbar glorified and praised the soldiers to the reader of his poem. The poem honors the soldiers for the traits that they displayed during the war. Dunbar, whose father was an escaped slave that served in the civil war, thought of these black men as heroes.

The bravery of these soldiers is inspirational. Most of these soldiers were escaped slaves that had no previous war experience. Still they rose to fight for their freedom. Although, they were thought of as not being worthy of war their racial pride drove them into the war. Dunbar made it clear through the poem that they were a part of the turning point for the union in the Civil War.

Dunbar honored the soldiers that were massacred at Fort Pillow. He spoke about the deeds committed at Fort Pillow. Fort Pillow was attacked by an overwhelming amount of confederate soldiers and the union soldiers were forced to surrender. Several dozen black soldiers were killed after they surrendered. This showed the outbreak of confederate rage at the idea of black soldiers. Despite the fact, the black soldiers continued to play a major role, and increasing role in the Union war effort. This displayed the bravery of the soldiers.

Throughout the poem, Dunbar referred to the soldiers as heroes. The poem portrays the soldiers bravery and...
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