Theme of Alienation: Maggie in The Mill on the Floss

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Theme of Alienation with respect to Maggie in the novel “The Mill On The Floss”

The background of The Mill on the Floss is the Victorian society that is steeped with values of money, pride and prejudice. Women, in such a society with such low values have been considered simply as ornaments that were supposedly, as depicted clearly by the Dodson sisters in the Mill on the Floss, narrow minded, snobbish, materialistic and uncompromising. George Eliot herself has been living in this Victorian society, and has been successful in depicting very clearly the sufferings and pains of an individual female who is not born to live according to such low values; a rebellious woman that is not able to come along with the conventionalities of the Victorian society and so is to be crushed by the holders of such empty ideals. George Eliot as great as dickens in her description of the utter loneliness of childhood.

Maggie Tulliver, as we see her first as a nine year old girl, has been an antitype of a Victorian female. As a little girl, Maggie steeps her self in books much beyond her age, The History of Devil, and Pilgrim's Progress are examples of these early studies. In the Victorian society, women who are supposed to be the ornamental objects of a man-oriented society do not need much reading. They are supposed to stay at home and do embroidery and keep in fashion, rather than go to the real world and learn or study as Victorian men do. She is also very clever unlike the other Victorian women who seem to be foolish and easily tricked as her Aunt Glegg is when Bob Jakin easily persuades her to buy his useless objets. Eliot presents Maggie's great enthusiasm for learning and studying. Maggie Tulliver is the protagonist of The Mill on the Floss. When the novel begins, Maggie is a clever and impetuous child. Eliot presents Maggie as more imaginative and interesting than the rest of her family and, sympathetically, in need of love. Maggie's closest tie is to her brother Tom,...
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