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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Go tell it on the mountain by James Baldwin
Many kids sometimes don’t have a good relationship with their father growing up because sometimes the father wants to make the kid do what he wants and doesn’t let him choose what the kid wants to do growing up . In the novel Go tell it on the mountain by James Baldwin, James kind of talks about how his relationship was growing up as a kid with his father

In go tell it on the mountain James writes about the things he saw in his father growing up as a kid. What James went through as a kid some kids are going through it right now and seeing the kind of person their fathers really is with them growing up. Also some times the father of the kids the father doesn’t listen to their kids to what they are saying because the father thinks that their kids are lying to them and that’s when the father starts to scream at them and punishing them or grounding them for little things that they do around the house or anywhere they are at.

In James novel James character is always getting in trouble by his father for every little thing that happens. James character his named John and his younger brother character name is Roy. In the novel Roy is always getting John in trouble for the things he did. If Roy brakes something in the house john is the one they look for to blame. In most of the families now a day the family is always blaming the older brother in the family. Most of the time the older brother doesn’t get chance to explain himself, well depending on how old the brother is cause if he’s older he can stand up for himself but if he’s still young but older than his sibling he wouldn’t stand up to his parents cause he would be scared . That’s one way a son doesn’t have a good relationship with his father

There are many ways a son loses a good relationship with his father at a young age but over the time when the son gets older the son and the father builds that relationship and they start to spend more...
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