Theme and Narrative Elements in Short Story

Topics: Fiction, Narrative, Ernest Hemingway Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: July 29, 2012
Theme and Narrative Elements in the Short Story
James Walton
ENG 125 Introduction to Literature
Prof. Cathy Johnson
July 23, 2012

The theme in a story is representation of the idea behind the story. To identify a story’s theme you must look beyond the plot. The plot tells you what the story is about. Therefore when identifying a theme you must answer the question, how? You should ask questions such as these: How does the writer use setting to narrow the underlying idea? How do characters make particular aspects of the underlying idea clear? How does conflict reveal the strength or worth of the underlying idea? Clugston (2010). There are other elements that help make up a short story such as a plot, symbolism, point of point of view, setting, character, and tone. All of these things are important in a story; they all help the reader determine what the theme of the story is. The plot helps to capture the reader’s attention, it give a story structure. Symbolism represents something that has meaning but also stands for something else. Point of view refers to who tells the story and how the action is presented to the reader. The setting represents the time or place where the action occurs. The Characters are the imaginary people in the story, this can also be the narrator telling the story in his or her own point of view, and tone represents the author’s attitude. Tone identifies the authors approach to the subject of a story, Clugston (2010). In Earnest Hemingway’s story “Hills like White Elements” this story take place at what seems to be a bar located at or near a train station. A couple decides to have a few drinks before they catch their train. The couple began to talk about asimple operation. It is seems as though the American man is trying to convience the girl to have the operation. But she seems unsure.

The couple seems to be talking about an abortion, the American who is the male is in favor or the abortion but the female does...
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