Thematic Contrast Essay

Topics: Friendship, Apostrophe Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: May 29, 2013
A friend to me is someone who you can trust and share some of the same common interests with. A friend should be someone you can tell anything and they won’t judge you for it. Also you should be able to trust them with anything including emotional secrets. In my opinion if you cant do any of these things with someone you consider a friend, you should probably reconsider. Friends are people that should be cherished and chosen carefully. In the case of the cube brothers, Rick and Gordon character-traits aren't very similar. Rick and Gordon share few common interests and have basically none of the same character-traits. After meeting and befriending both of them, I realize Rick is an extremely better friend than Gordon

Rick is an amazing friend who I would trust with my life. We share most of the same interests like sports and our weird sense of humor. Rick is an all around good person who doesn't talk about you behind your back or any of those shady antics. While on the other hand Gordon is the complete opposite. Gordon is a conniving, spineless, narcissus who doesn't care about anyone but himself. You cant trust him with anything especially secrets because the first chance he gets he will either blackmail you with it or tell it to everyone he knows. Gordon also uses you for personal gain and forgets about you until he needs something. For example Gordon liked this girl and wanted to ask her out and sense this was his first time doing this he asked for some advice. After I helped him and the girl said yes, all of our daily conversations after that consisted of me giving him advice about her. When I decided to ask him for some advice he was hesitant and almost reluctant to give it to me. It was almost like he didn't want to be bothered. After him and the girl broke up, we didn't talk for about 3 months. This is a prime example of him using me and forgetting me when he didn't need me anymore. An example of Gordon being untrustworthy was, about...
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