Theism vs. Antheism

Topics: God, Life, Atheism Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: February 17, 2011
Running Head: Theism vs. Atheism

Arguments between Theism and Atheism for me
PHI 1000
Capella University
Professor Jan Wentz

Do you believe in God? God is a being that no one has ever been able to prove exists. When someone chooses to believe in God; that decision is based solely on their faith. It is a decision that someone decides in their heart, which is often based on experiences in their life; whether they are simply personal experiences or religious ones. It is not a secret to anyone that God has never been be seen, heard, nor touched by any living human according to history and the present day. Though, the bible gives the personal testimonies of many righteous men of God’s goodness and existence, how can one prove that to be true? According to Nils Ch. Raught (2007) “If [an] argument from religious experiences is to be successful, we must focus our attention on those religious experiences that closely resemble ordinary perceptual experiences” (p. 180). So, I will give you my personal account of God’s goodness in my life and why I personally believe Theism makes a stronger case than Atheism.

In January of 2005, my wife and I decided it was time to have another baby. Right after our decision, we found out that my wife was pregnant right away! We were so happy to be adding another addition to our family; our eldest daughter was already five at the time and we didn’t want to have our children too far apart. We were incredibly excited and made our announcement that Valentine’s day to all of our friends and family. Everything was going great until my wife went to one of a doctor appointment for her first trimester pre-natal serum screening tests. Basically, this testing will determine if the fetus has any chromosome problems that include Down syndrome. This test is optional, even though my wife was never told that during her visit. The visit went fine and the nurse told her that she would be contacted if the tests came back abnormal....
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