Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Topics: Marriage, Jealousy, Confidence Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Sara Beth Englade
Mrs. Cain

“Joe Starks”

Being in high school you meet a lot of people, some you like, some you do not like, some enjoyable, and then some like Joe Starks from the book “Their Eyes Were Watching God”, by Hora Neale Hurtson. Joe Starks is the husband of the main character Janie, they meet while Janie is married to Logan Killicks. Janie runs off with Joe because he promises her a better life. For the first seven years, their marriage is great! Joe turns bitter as the years go on. Joe is jealous, confident, and cold hearted, Joe is like this because he never found true love and depended on his money for happiness, this paper seeks to evaluate the traits of Joe Starks.

Joe is jealous of Janie because she’s an attractive young lady and all the men flirt with her and “droll” over her. “Maybe he makes her do it. Maybe he skeered de rest of us mens might touch it round dat store.”(p.50) One day Janie was working in the store that Joe and her own, she had her hair dangling down when Joe saw one of the men playing in Janie’s hair so Joe ordered Janie to wear a hair wrap. One day Joe called Janie off the croquet grounds and said to her,”Dat’s somethin’ for de young folks, Janie, you out dere jumpin round and won’t be able tuh git out de bed tuhmorrer.” Joe’s jealousy of Janie ruins their marriage and Janie’s out put on love. Joe’s jealousy also hurts him personally because he turns bitter.

Joe is a VERY confident man; he never doubts that he can accomplish his goals. He is very good with persuading people to believe in his dreams. When Joe and Janie first come to Eatonville they learn that there is not a mayor, later on Tony makes a speech saying, “Brothers and sisters, since us can’t never expect tuh better our choice, Ah move dat we make Brother Starks our mayor until we kin see further.”(p.43) Joe also took it upon himself to build a post office for the town which he would manage. Joe’s confidence gets...
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