Theatre Revival in Europe

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Domeniquea Lewis
Oct.6, 2010
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Theatre Revival in Europe

The Renaissance was the reformation and return of secular theatre. The Renaissance was an extraordinary period in European history. In many ways it was a time of rebellion and rebirth. During the middle ages, the overwhelming concerns were god redemption and life after death. In contrast, the foremost concerns of the renaissance were human kind, ancient wisdom, and life in the present. Renaissance values of individualism and creativity led to the emerge of great artists such as Leonardo Davinchi and Michael Angelo. In the theatre liturgical (religious) drama of the Middle Ages declined, and secular theatre once again became popular. The mystery, miracle, and morality plays that defined drama in the Middle Ages began to cause conflict because of the difference depending on which domination produced them. Declamatory acing, an oratorical (speaking) evolutionary method, also became popular. In this style actors delivered their lines directly to the audience in a rhetorical manner, typified by order, harmony, and decorum. When Elizabeth became Queen of England in 1558, there wasn’t a single professional theatre in London. By her death in 1603, London had been transformed into one of the theatre capitals on the world. The Puritans got their name from their zeal, determination to purify the church. The only way to escape the fires of hell, according to the Puritans, was through hard work, abstinence of all profane amusements, and sexual pleasures, and careful observance of religious right. By 1600

every Londoner was within two miles of a theatre of some kind. The most famous theatre was Shakespeare’s Globe located 97 paces (steps) away from the Rose theatre. Performances at the Globe and other outdoor theatres began at about two in the afternoon. When daylight flooded the stage and lasted until about five. The Puritans, in attempt to...
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