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The Remarkable Production “Broadway Bound”

The production “Broadway Bound”, by Neil Simon could just be one of the most remarkable plays I have ever seen. If you want to watch a play that captivates your attention and keeps you on the edge of you seat, this is it! This is a play filled with comedy, drama, and excitement. In this 1940’s production, high emotions are mixed with deep laughter. Much of this laughter comes from Gary T. as “Ben”, who plays the socialist grandfather that comes to live with his daughter, her husband, and her two sons, Tony S. as “Stanley” and Daniel B. as “Eugene.” The brothers play two boys ready to leave the house, make it big in comedy- writing, and move to New York. Another stand out actor here is Tim T. as “Jack”. Tim plays a man in his 50’s that seems to be in the midst of a mid-life crisis that comes when you’ve worked yourself to the bone trying to raise your children who are now getting ready to leave home. He wonders what he’ll do when there gone. The scenes between Tim and Michelle M. who plays “Kate”, the matriarch of the family but a deeply saddened woman full of unexpressed feelings and emotions, are some painful scenes. Another heart wrenching scene is when Gary's Ben is confronted by Heather P. “Blanche”, who plays Bens estranged daughter ( a rich woman that thinks money can solve any problem). In this scene Ben is confronted by Blanche because she thinks her father doesn’t love her because he’s never shown her any affection. The production was performed at Black Hills Community Theatre located at the Rushmore Mall. What a great place for a theatre to be It brings in all different ages and types of people. Because it’s in the mall it is much easier for people to get to, because it’s in such a central location, has a ton of parking, is easy for people in wheel chairs, and also if you’re wanting to get a bite to eat before the play, they have plenty of food vendors to choose from. I do have to say it is kind of a weird...

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