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Topics: Legally Blonde, Actor, Elle Woods Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Acting Fundamentals
Legally Blonde Review
Legally Blonde: The Musical, written by Heather Hach, was directed by Kyle McClaran and put on by the Garland Civic Theatre. I viewed the performance on December 1st. This musical was the classic story of Elle Woods who is dumped by her college boyfriend and follows him to Harvard to show him she is “serious”. Along the way, she meets some people that help her realize that there is nothing better to be than you.

I was very pleased with the overall acting in this musical. It stayed true to the style of the musical; it was cute and cheesy, but still relatable. The actors were all clearly able to be heard, even though I was sitting directly behind the live music. The expressions of the actors could also clearly be seen. Their exaggerated expressions likely were able to be read even from the back row. I never had a problem seeing what the main characters were feeling. Even most of the supporting and chorus characters proved to be very animated in their actions and faces. The actors also committed to their characters by use of their bodies. I was able to tell the attitude of most of the characters from simply their movement. Enid Hoops and Margot both showed their sass through the way they carried themselves. Almost every chorus girl had a different attitude from bubbly to preppy to sassy in the way they walked and moved in general. Emmett showed his confidence in the smirk on his face and the way he strutted across the stage. Even Vivian made you hate her a little in the beginning with the way she flounced around. Most of the actors were also able to show a character through their vocal quality. Vivian had a quality to her voice of somebody who knew she was better than everyone around her. The same was with Professor Callahan. He talked with the knowledge and arrogance of a Harvard professor. The one voice that seemed a little off to me was Elle. Although I enjoyed the sweet, innocent quality of her...
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