Theatre Evaluation - a Dolls House

Topics: Rooms, Marriage, Theatre Pages: 4 (1786 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Theatre Evaluation- A Dolls house
On the 21st of July I saw a performance of ‘A Doll’s house’ written by Herrick Ibsen in the Young Vic theatre in London, directed by Carrie Cracknell. The play highlights a woman’s battle with everyday life in the 1870’s (presumably.) The plays is based around the protagonist Nora’s struggle with Krogstad , who threatens to tell her husband about her past crime, this incites Nora’s journey of self discovery provides much of the plays dramatic suspense. Nora’s primary struggle however, is against the selfish stifling and oppressive attitudes of her late Father and Husband named Torvald, and of the society that these men represent. The set –

The set had four sections or rooms, joined together by a hall way which leads to the front door; these rooms were representative of the whole house. When you initially entered the theatre only one room was visible therefore, when it began rotating at the start it amazed the audience and it symbolised that we, the audience were looking at every aspect of Nora’s family and not just one room or situation. The room seen first by the audience was, the living room it was ‘a comfortably and tastefully, but not expensively furnished room’ there were no luxuries or bold colours. This room was the neutral ground literally and figuratively throughout the play, this was an area where all characters were accepted, and the plain furnishings were a reminder of the Helmer’s somewhat reduced financial situation. Across the hall way was the dining room, this is where the majority of the serious context took place; this was made clear from the start by the dark wood and alcohol that crowded the room. The bedroom was different to all the other rooms in the ‘house’ it was homely and had a warm feel to it, however this is ironic as the climax of Nora and Torvald’s marriage breaking happened in here. Leading off from the living room was Helmer’s office, it was a small and dimly light room littered with papers...
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