Theatre Appreciation

Topics: Theatre, Actor, Acting Pages: 4 (1376 words) Published: November 12, 2010
Theatre Appreciation


What is Theatre? That question has multiple answers. The word theatre itself comes from the greek word theatron which means “seeing place.” It is not only a place to be seen or a place to see, theatre is a way of life. Theatre can be seen in different ways, for example, it can be a building, company, and even an occupation. An empty space and be used as a theatre if you bring all of the components needed; a place to act and a place to watch. There are two other ways to describe theatre, software (which are the people and activities) and hardware (the place where something is seen). Work, art, performance, and impersonation are all aspects of theatre as an occupation. Theatre is not only seen as perfecting technical skills but about creating a work of art. All of the people directing, producing, acting, crewing, and more, work together to create a performance for the audience to enjoy. Directing involves coordinating and unifying the entire play, producing handles all of the legal and financial duties, building and perfecting a production involves the actors to work after rehearsals, as you can see more goes into making a theatre than most people think. We have forms of theatre all around us, in almost all aspects of our daily life. You can see the evolution of theatre from when it was performed in open spaces in ancient Greece, to the movie theatre that we go enjoy today, even to the radio that we were while we’re driving. In everything that we watch and hear there are people behind the scenes producing, directing, crewing, doing everything that they need to in order for us to have our show. It’s is and always will be about the performance and the audience, nothing more.

What is a play? A play is an animated piece of life, representation of human struggles, and a presentation where the actors can act as role models or play a certain character. How is it that someone can act and become a role model or this other...
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