Theater Evaluation

Topics: Observation, Audience theory, Performance Pages: 3 (1188 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Sara Abella
Intro to Theatre
Mrs. Chaitman
Production Evalution
Over the weekend I went to the premier of the school production “Proof.” I got the privilege to go twice, once as an audience member on Friday night, then as a volunteer usher on Saturday night. I wasn’t planning on going to the show more than once, but it offered a different perspective of the show so I could compare and contrast and still get production hours in the process! The play had four characters so it was pretty easy keeping the characters in order. Seeing the show twice gave me two opportunities to observe, interpret and critique the performance. I will never be a theatre critic, but it’s a no-brainer to know that no two shows are ever alike, there will always be variables that makes one show different from the next. While observing the show the main things I paid attention to was the audience reaction and the quality of the delivery. Opening night is a big night for everyone involved in the production, it is the first time you run through the entire script with no room for editing; it is live and it is final. On the first nigh the house sold more than 150 seats, the audience consisted of a variety of age groups; students, teachers and families. On the second night only 50 tickets were presold and the audience consisted of mainly older couples over the age of 30 and a few students. While observing the audience I saw two very different reactions from both audience groups. The first night consisted of more laughter, gasp, oohs and aahs. But during the second night I felt the audience wasn’t as engaged with the cast as the first one was. The older audience seemed to laugh more of the jokes made by the unstable father, played by Mike Lieberman. On the other hand Catherine, played by Savannah Thomas and Claire, played by Diana Ursea got more of a reaction the first show. Hal played by Mathew Tucker was a very neutral character when it came to audience reactions. I feel as though the men in...
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