Theater Appreciation Study Guide

Topics: Musical theatre, Theatre, San Francisco Mime Troupe Pages: 3 (441 words) Published: February 19, 2012
Theatre Appreciation Exam 3 Study Guide

Immigrant Theatre

Yiddish-spoken by European Jews
Uses Hebrew alphabet
man cannot dress in woman’s garments. (exception was Purim plays) Theatre snuck into Jewish communities through Purim plays. (Bible stories) -The move to the U.S.
-Russian czars close Yiddish theatres
-Actors move to NYC; 11 Yiddish theatres in New York alone Features: celebrated Jewish identity with chants/popular songs -Declined because people stopped speaking Yiddish (assimilation)

-originated from clubs in Little Italy
Features: Recalled loved ones left behind -invoked homeland ("mama songs") -Shakespeare adapted
-Became more polished with arrival of professional actors
-Offered melodrama, comedies, farces, commedia skits, opera, song and dance
-helped orient the “greenhorn” to the society
-used NYC as backdrop

-Begins with professionals (Chinese opera)
Features: from San Francisco-goldrush
Also from NYC
Note: There was anti-Chinese sentiment in the play The Chinese Must Go

Latino Theatre
Chicano=Mexican American
Latino=any other Spanish speaking

Mayan and Aztec theatrical rituals
Know that they had theatrical rituals
-Missionaries from Spain Christianized their rituals (made them Catholic) -pastorelas: shepard’s plays. A play by a shepard on his way to see Jesus. The devil tempts the shepard etc -carpas: tent shows mix of vaudeville and circus

Political Theatre
Read the 8 pages..oh
What is it? Drama or performing art which emphasizes a poltical issue or issues in its theme or plot. (the weird staged Mexican outbreak of pride in theatre) -Political theatre uses satire. (Satire=exaggeration)

Federal Theatre Project (WPA)
Living Newspapers/demise

San Francisco Mime Troupe
Luis Valdez (El Teatro Campesino..OH!..aka the farm worker’s theatre) -presented short improvised acts: actos
-Agitprop Theatre: combination of agitation...
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