The O’reilly Factor

Topics: Talk radio, Mitt Romney, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Topher CarrollThe O’Reilly FactorMay 29, 2012

The O’Reilly Factor has a reputation for exerting a very conservative overtone, naturally many question whether the typical “news standards” are being followed. The show leads off with a segment on Planned Parenthood and the presidential election, an issue where Bill O’Reilly has already indicated his stance that he is “pro-life”. When it comes to such partisan dividing issues, O’Reilly asserts his stance, and then goes on to further undermine the liberal stance. The problem is that O’Reilly portrays a bipartisan attitude but acts loyal to his favored Republican side. In this first segment, O’Reilly tells the story of how Planned Parenthoods are starting to promote abortions done depending on the predicted sex of the child. He goes on to show a video of a Planned Parenthood worker’s advisement to a client that she get an abortion upon finding out the sex of her child was female. O’Reilly continues his outright conservative opinion on the matter, rejecting anyone who would even consider the violent act of killing an unborn human fetus, adding that they would have no morals. One very admirable thing O’Reilly does is that he captions the message he is trying to make constantly, with every thing he boldly says, even bolder letters display his point every single slide. There is no point in the show where you feel he is sending you mixed signals on his viewpoints on a certain topic. “There is no question that Planned Parenthood is a pro-abortion outfit, which has been in trouble for years”, he goes on “Undercover videos have documented underage abortions, abortion advice associated with prostitution and now gender selection”. The problem is not that his words are unclear the problem is he pretends to be doing objective news with an all but obvious direction to it.

Another important segment involves old Bill interviewing the potential VP Republican candidate Marco Rubio. O’Reilly almost immediately takes the...
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