The Youth in the Journey of Excellence

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The Youth in the Journey of Excellence

Every Filipino child has the talent to share and to be developed. This is the reason why we always go to school- to showcase our talents for us to succeed and achieve our goals in life. Our talent is our path for us to excel in the quest of excellence. Some children know how to sing and dance while some know how to paint. You see, children like us have different talents to share and to be showcased. All of us have the talent and skills to be proud of.

This Valleygsahan event is one way to develop our learnings and knowledge. It is because we know that we can always excel in life if we have the passion and the hard work in every single thing that we do. It is also because we know that we can fulfil our ambitions in life. Although we may lose in some battles, it is just the challenge for us to excel to be a better person and to be an individual who perseveres in life. It is not enough that we only have the knowledge or talent for us to succeed but it must be coupled by hardwork and prestige.. But we, the youth, let us not forget to follow our dreams because our dream is the hope for us to excel in life.

“Education is the key to success”. Let this saying be our strength for us to study well in school because we all know that as a child, we have many ambitions that we want to come true. As the youth, we have many goals in life that we want to fulfil and achieve. We want to excel in our careers no matter what barriers would come because we won’t ever give up our dreams and we also know that achievement and excellence come only to those who have the courage, strength, and perseverance to fulfil their goals in life...We will continue to fight and fight for us to excel without giving up. With the word “education” ,we know that this powerful word can lead us into a better future for us to excel and for us to achieve excellence in our journey in life.

Just like the other children, I also have many...
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