The Young of Today Are Too Pampered for Their Own Good. Do You Agree?

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  • Published : July 2, 2012
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Our group agrees to this issue.
- singaporean kids nowadays have maids to do every single thing for them, they become useless fools who grow up not knowing even, how to tie their shoelace or butter their bread. pity...

-some even have a chauffer to ferry them around. In the end they do not know how to take public transport.That is basic needs of living in a society like SIngaporean, yet they do not know how to cater to themselves.

-Nowadays, youngsters glue their eyes to the computer and uses the internet as if it is part of their lives, they miss out all the effort and time of searching for books in the library.

-Students are given handphones at such a young age! In the past there was no such luxury and our parents still manage to survive! Handphones are not a neccesity, it is a tool of convenience that our society is used to, making it indispensible.

-Furthermore, parents often bring their kids to dine in restaurants or places which are air-conditioned. Hence, they do not often eat at coffee shops and complain about the heat and uncleaniness of the open air eatery. This obviously shows that they are pampered.

Some may beg to differ, that it is because of the development of the society that forces children to live in such a way, to have all the amenities and privileges.

- However, youths should learn to be independent and not take for granted the good things they have today. This attitude is probably what is causing them to be so pampered!

Being too pampered by their parents and only knowing how to study and study and study somemore would not help them to develop and grow in the right way. Seeing the attitudes of youths, for instance, shopping and spending money like nobody's business nowadays, reaffirms our stand that indeed, Singapore's youths today are too pampered for their own good.
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