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  • Published : February 15, 2011
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Hey guys proud to present to you the first issue of the YFC NEWSLETTER. It’s taken us a long time to complete this edition and we (the team) hope that you’ll enjoy reading every page of this newsletter. Each and every one of the team members have put in a lot of hard work to make this issue possible. In this September issue we have covered topics that interest us youth a lot from NYC’08, ways to be eco-friendly, fashion, humour and also let me introduce a very interesting section ‘Heroes’ wherein we choose one YFC among us who is a inspiration to all of us. So get ready to be inspired by YOUTH MAG SEPT’08!!!

From the editors desk,
Craig Alexander

………Not just another magazine
Sep ‘08

All that’s Left To Do
Yesterday I heard my mama say
“All that’s left to do is pray”
As though there was nothing left at all; she kept saying it all day long. Yesterday I noticed for myself I did everything except pray and that’s when I heard the priest say, during mass, “I know u haven’t got a pray..” But go home reflect n u will find your way. Reflection:

Jesus spent his time in prayer and fasting
We just fast from prayer and forget why
Jesus let his Father live inside of him

And yesterday I didn’t even pray
But today I’m going to get down on my knees
Yesterday I didn’t have a prayer
But today I’m going to pray and I will say,
“Lord, come and live in me”

This month’s art work is from our creative YFC Sweeny Dias! Mother Theresa’s persona captured in a canvas. Great Job Sweeny!
We welcome many such art works from all. Do send it to us


Fashion is changing…..
Wearing your faith is next big thing among most youth lately. You see them wearing ‘Jesus Freak’ t-shirts, Chunky rosaries. And this is good fashion. Let’s not adhere to social norms of fashion. Why be followers when we can be trendsetters?! Being trendsetters for Christ is one way of professing your love for Him. It takes real love and courage to wear your faith in front of your peers. Only a wannabe will shy off from such style. But why shy off??!! If Jonas brothers and their likes can flaunt Chastity rings at the MTV music awards so can we as ‘Certified Jesus Freaks’!! So if you agree , do take part in the ‘Wear your attitude’ competition in NYC. It’s a t-shirt designing competition that will be held on the spot so prepare yourself and make some fashion statement!

NYC Prayer
“Not by our power, our might, but by His Spirit alone.” (Modified from Zec 4:6) Lord God, We thank You for Your presence in our lives and for making us Youth who know You and long for You. We thank you for NYC ‘08 as it is our chance to renew our mission for you. And without your grace Lord this mission will lose its meaning. And so Lord we lift up all those who are working to set it up as a celebration of your glory.. Bless the Service team in body , mind and soul, so that they can work for this mission, excellently. We lift up music ministry, finance,. Speakers, Worship leaders et al. We lift up the participants attending NYC. Bless our intentions and cleanse our hearts so that we prepare ourselves for your word lord .Help us Lord to make the most of this opportunity, to praise u and to have fun that’s pleasing to u.

We make this...
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