The Yellow Wallpaper Review

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  • Published : September 10, 2012
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I. “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

II. Genre/ P.O.V.
The story is a literary fiction specifically gothic fiction that has a first person narrative point of view. It is written as if we are reading the narrator’s journal who is telling us all of her thoughts. The story is time lapsed, allowing the readers to understand what is happening without reading the unimportant details. It allows the readers to go along with the emotion and madness of the narrator which cultivates a small feeling of sympathy for her. The constant use of “I” puts us right in the narrators head and allows us to empathize with her.

III. Setting
The story took place during the summer in the late 1900 century a colonial mansion three miles away from the nearest village. Although the place has the appearance of tranquility, it is actually a place of confinement. The Narrator is confined in the upstairs nursery room to regain her health and sanity as ordered by her husband. Her focus about things gradually shifts to a yellow wallpaper in her room in which she sees a figure trapped inside. With all the strain, loneliness and frustration she became obsessed to the yellow wallpaper which caused her to snap and lose her sanity.

IV. Characters/ Characterization
a. The narrator – A newly wedded and a mother undergoing a serious case of mental condition. She is a very expressive and imaginative woman who is isolated in a nursery room by her husband to regain her health. As part of her cure, she is forbidden to exercise her imagination in any way which caused her to focus on neutral objects in order to ignore her growing frustration. She tries to tell her story in a form of a secret diary as her obsession for the yellow wallpaper grows.

b. John – The narrator’s husband and physician. He isolates her wife in a nursery room and restricts her to exercise writing and her imagination. He is so sure that he knows what is best for his...
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