The Yellow Wallpaper Mirroring Song

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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In the story, "The Yellow Wallpaper," John's wife believes she is sick. However, her husband a medical professional, diagnoses her as only having nervous depression. She is locked in their bedroom staring at the yellow wallpaper all day and night. The song that best reflects the themes presented in this story is, "Trapped In My Mind" by Kid Cudi. He is trapped in his own mind, believing that there is no escape, and simply accepts his lot in life.

John's wife has been staring at that wallpaper so long that she believes there is a woman trapped in it. The woman she is seeing is her and she is unable to escape. In "Trapped In My Mind," Kid Cudi sings, "You see the walls are so high that I couldn't climb them so I don't know which way to roll." This is one representation of just how John's wife feels. The wallpaper symbolizes her life. She tries to escape her illness but can never seem to climb that wall. Sitting in the room all day looking at the wallpaper, and being on medication is enough to make someone behave in such a matter.
John's wife knew she was sick but is unable to get proper treatment, which causes her condition to worsen. She digresses day by day until she believes she is able to physically creep in and out of the wallpaper. The lyrics,"Am I sick? Am I ill," represent the struggle of one's mind to come to terms with illness. In this song, he is trying to decide if what he is feeling is an illness, or if he is in reality, made this way. He wonders if he is truly trapped inside of his own mind. This is just how John's wife feels. If your husband assures you that you only suffer from temporary nervous depression and keeps you constantly on medication, one will ask these questions as well....
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